About The Village Homestead

My name is Jillian. I live in upstate New York with my husband Jeff and our two daughters. ‘A’ is 9 and ‘H’ is 7. We spend every day nurturing our homestead in the small village where we live. Most days you’ll find us reading, cooking up a storm, playing with the chickens, watching trees change, and more. My girls are home schooled and we love it.

I started this blog a few years ago, after we moved to this old home in the village. I had kept another blog for several years before we moved, Everyday Life for Four Seasons, which I started when I took on PhotoJojo’s challenge to take a photo a day for a year. One year lead into another and before I knew it I was blogging regularly. I look forward to sharing more of my journey here on The Village Homestead.

When I am not blogging, teaching my children, canning tomatoes, or collecting eggs from chickens, I can be found dabbling in volunteer work for the UU community, working at the farmer’s market selling Kilpatrick Family Farm’s delicious vegetables to happy people, and fighting big polluters in my backyard.


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