April is here!

April is here and with it come springtime activities. The forsythia is in bloom and the lilac is starting to bud. The sun sets later every evening, and we’re seeing more colorful sunsets now. It feels so good to go outside without wearing mud boots, hats and heavy coats.

The chickens are good. They’re 2 weeks old now. I have them in the same brooder box they started in. A few days ago I moved it out to the screened-in porch to acclimate them to the outdoors (and to acclimate me – this way I can check on them in the middle of the night without having to go too far). The brooder temperature is now kept between 80-85 degrees, and the birds are feathering out. The New Hampshire Reds are feathering faster than the rest, which I hear is normal. The slowest to feather are the male Red Sex Links.

I added a branch as a roost to the brooder and gave them a nice layer of sod to roll and scratch in. They are so happy! As a treat I am going to feed them some grapes later today.

The coop is almost ready, and when it is I will give you a tour and a description of how it was assembled and why we choose the design we did. The chickens and the heat lamp will all go into the coop this weekend. Weather permitting, they can start to venture into the run for some scratching and rolling time.

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