Artful Summer!

Artful Summer has begun! Time to explore, create, learn, observe, soak it in, play, dream and imagine. First up: creating art by knitting. I was so touched today when ‘A’ sifted through our craft shelf and pulled out her in-progress knitting project. I teach her off and on when she’s interested. Today she picked up where she left off and was so deliberate with her needles. She was ready. She lost 3 teeth over the weekend – her brain is growing. Time for new experiences, new learning.

Over the course of the summer I’ll be sharing the art we create, the projects I would love to do, and the places we go that inspire us to keep creating. Interested in joining? Leave a comment with your blog address and I’ll link to your own Artful Summer posts! I’ll be posting Erika’s updates as the summer progresses. Enjoy!

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