This weekend my sister will be visiting me and she’ll be bringing out some of her beekeeping equipment. I’m setting up two hives this year, my first hives ever. I’m looking forward to doing it for a few reasons – to help pollinate our garden (I’ve come to resent having to hand pollinate all of my summer squash these past few years!); to help protect the bees, who have been having trouble these past few years; to be able to gather our own honey and beeswax; and to watch the magic of it all unfold. There are a few things in the world that are magical and breathtaking, and watching bees work is one of them. Watching new life come into this world ranks pretty high up too, as does watching children grow.

I’m excited and appropriately nervous, because bees do sting, but overall I am confident that this venture will be a good one for our family.

Today the girls and I took a trip to Betterbee (which is close to us, but not as close as it used to be a few months ago, before we moved). We picked up the wax foundations and hive tools I need to round out the components my sister is bringing. If the way I feel when I breathe in the perfume of the wax foundations is any indication about how I’ll feel being around my hives, I would say that I’m going to fall in love when I get the bees at the end of April. The scent is pure heaven!

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