busy at home

Life has been busy, but when is it not? Daily life activities – homeschooling, taking care of the chickens & garden, trying new herbal remedies, harvesting and preserving food, keeping up with the house, knitting new mittens for winter, and volunteering – they all take a lot of time, but are incredibly rewarding. Our life is full, but the routine is agreeable and it suits us all well. There are dance classes, doll plays, story time and silent reading, time to journal. Time to live.

I’ve been so focused on living fully lately, in fact, that I have forgotten to be mindful, and the other day I dropped my camera. I’ve been taking photos nearly every day for almost 5 years now with my camera. My lens broke – which meant no more photos for me. So I did my homework and found rave reviews for the Canon 50mm lens. I ordered it and it arrived today. I think I like it! There’s no zooming going on with this lens, which takes some getting used to. But the depth of field is incredible and I am looking forward to playing around with it.

In other news, Faye, our favorite hen laid her first egg recently and I had the pleasure of entering the hen house just as she announced the news. I am learning that hens Honk Honk Honk when they first start laying eggs – why, I don’t know. Here she is, honking away. We are so proud of her!

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