Clear skies ahead

This is great – it’s May. April flew by and I will swear to you that it seemed so short this year. It doesn’t help that I tried to lop a day off at the end. It was short and cold and presented a test of my patience. May is here with her warmth, her flowers, her bright green baby leaves. Sunshine, sounds of spring, smells of summer. Ahh! I am so happy!

To celebrate, I was extra productive today. I did all good things that I love to do (except the load of laundry this morning, I could have done without that). I played teacher to my girls who enjoyed their lesson time outdoors today; I planted seeds; finished carving out the kitchen herb garden bed (right outside the kitchen door! I am so excited to have cooking herbs at my fingertips.). I listened to ‘A’ and ‘H’ play their recorder beautifully in class. After dinner I’m looking forward to starting a new read-aloud book with them: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. They don’t know it yet but this book comes with daily dictées and discussion topics.

It is so nice to see the natural world waking up, and with it I am coming alive too.

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  1. Richard G. Ryder May 1, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    Jillian, you are doing a wonderful job of raising your daughters but also describing the changing seasons at the Village Homestead.
    Are your entries being recorded somewhere?

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