Counting money

Depending on the day, homeschooling in our family can take many different forms. This morning’s activities were the closest to “real school” that we ever come, and it’s my favorite version of what “real school” should look like. We sit around the table in our pajamas, me with my coffee, and today they learned how to count money. Everyone learns, everyone is happy, everyone is comfortable.

One of the most interesting things about teaching my own children is that I have the chance to see what they understand and what is above their level at the moment. ‘A’, who is almost 7, understood immediately how to group pennies into groups of 5, to swap out a group of 5 pennies for a nickel and then two nickels for a dime. ‘H’ on other hand understood making groups of 5 pennies, but couldn’t quite understand how to swap out pennies for nickels. And then I tried to explain that a dime is equal to 2 nickels… nope, she wasn’t having it. She’s almost 5, and she’s not ready to understand such heady concepts yet.

What I love most about homeschooling is how the girls are tested. Test #1 involved helping me put together these money charts after the lesson was over. The other tests will be given in the real world, as they help me count money and make change while we’re out shopping. To me it seems like a good way to live and learn.

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