Day 2 of the Juice Fast

I can do this.

So far so good. Yesterday was my first full day of drinking only freshly made vegetable and fruit juice. I had to fight off the Voices in the afternoon when I wanted a coffee, and again at dinnertime as I was making dinner for my children. By 7:00 pm I knew that I would be okay, I just had to make it to bedtime. Thinking of how good I would feel when I woke up kept me going.

I know a few things about how this is going to end. I’m using this time of not eating solid food to mentally and emotionally adjust. In this past week I’ve identified a few foods that make me feel foggy and I know I have to either give them up or eat them in limited quantities. Eggs, cheese, and wheat. I don’t want to give them up, but I know it’s better for me if I do. Over the past week I served eggs for dinner and woke up the next day in a fog. Two nights ago, for our “final meal” I made my favorite homemade pizza. After undertaking a partial juice fast the few days prior to that meal, Jeff and I were able to taste something disagreeable in the shredded cheese. It was the same cheese I always use, and it wasn’t sour, so I assume we were detecting something that is always there. The next morning my eyes were puffy, my head was cloudy. That was the wheat talking, I’m sure. It was not a good way to start Day One of my first full juice fast!

I got through yesterday and feel good today. One thing that is surprising to me is how thirsty I am. I am drinking glass after glass of water just to satisfy my thirst. Don’t they say that if you feel thirsty, you have probably needed a drink of water for a long time? I don’t know how much more I can drink.

Day Two is underway. I can do this.

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