Dog meets chickens, chickens run and hide.

If you want to know who your roosters are this early in the game, just look to see who comes out of the coop when the door is opened in the morning. You can also observe what happens after an attempted mass-slaughter by a neighborhood dog. The roosters took charge of the recovery.

We had a scare here today. I left the door to the coop open so the chicks could range in the yard and went indoors to get ready for the day. From inside the house I heard a dog barking and when I came out, one chick was huddled by the door and 2 others were behind a crate, the other side taken by the barking dog. I yelled and chased it away, then looked around for the other 13 chickens. They were nowhere to be found. I called the girls out to help me and decided that our best strategy would be to play in the yard as usual to make the hiding chicks feel safe. A few more emerged as we played and we counted them: 11. From afar I spotted 2 more inside the neighbor’s fenced yard. We spent some time catching them, and in the meantime another chick returned to the coop on its own. Now we were up to 14, with 2 missing.

I was sick about the situation. Rain was threatening and the wind was cold. I hoped the last 2 were together to keep each other warm. I walked and called and looked all afternoon, but still, no chicks. So I sat. The 14 emerged from the hen house and came outside, clucking and peeping and scratching. I hoped they would call for the others.

At that point the roosters took the lead and flew up to a low branch. 5 of them sat there and looked around. I counted again, and one new chicken had suddenly appeared and joined the group. 1 left to find! Out it came, walking slowly, peeping and waiting for a response. A rooster held his head high and peeped back. And just like that, they were all together again.

I learned my lesson, yes I did! Never leave the chickens out without supervision. Never. I will write it 100 times! I am so happy to have the chicks together and safe.

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  1. christina d April 23, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

    I would have done the same thing, run inside to get ready. Totally, why not?!

    …Until you learn why not. good thinking all around Jillian. Nice idea to play in the yard like nothing happened. What a scare indeed- glad all the gentlemen (nice job dudes) and the ladies are back safe & sound.

    Thank goodness you were quick-thinking, I don’t know what I would have done. Cried in a ball of weepy guilt! Again, brava to you, A & H!

  2. Richard G. Ryder April 24, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Great story! Sensitively reported, nicely written.

  3. Rebecca April 24, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    i’m so glad everyone is safe… maybe a rooster is a keeper? bad dog… i’m glad marley and jasper are getting used to the chicks now. as i write this i can hear hungry peeps. i must feed the babies again!

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