Games, Sandwiches and Storms

Continuing with the “I LOVE Veggies” lesson this week, the girls and I checked a few books out of the library about vitamins and minerals. The plan yesterday was to read them (which we did), then cook a dinner that used healthy foods and talk about the nutrients that were in the foods. I was going to make one of my favorite dishes: sweet potato, spinach and black bean burritos. And then (in my fantasy world), the girls would eat them and love them.

That didn’t happen because we had storms yesterday afternoon and evening that knocked the power out. No water, no lights, no electricity for the stove, no opening the fridge. Instead of healthy burritos, I made soynut butter/peanut butter sandwiches for everyone and Jeff popped popcorn on the grill. Vegetables? No. But that’s okay, there’s always today!

We ate on the porch as the sun set and then played a few rounds of Sequence while we talked about setting up an emergency kit for the house. This storm, with the threat of tornadoes, made me realize I’m not prepared.


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