Garden Pests

Every spring when I plant my garden I think ahead to the long, hot days of summer and I picture my family harvesting the bounty, stopping now and then to sample a juicy, ripe tomato straight from the vine. It’s a wonderful fantasy, almost straight from a 19th century bucolic painting. At no point in the garden fantasy am I watering or weeding. There are no bugs or diseases present, nothing that would stand in the way of our perfect harvest.

I’m an optimist, so I’ve continued to replay this dream in my mind every spring. The reality though is that our garden is a magnet for insects that destroy the crops. As I mentioned before, I’m battling the cucumber beetle. While picking some off the plants, I found a pair of mating squash bugs. Today I found squash bug eggs under the leaves on 2 separate plants. I fully expect that the squash borer will visit us soon, and I’m already looking out for hornworms on the tomatoes.

As with everything else (it seems), if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Squash Bug Eggs

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