Goals and The New Year

It’s just about time to turn the page on the calendar and welcome the New Year and I’m thinking about Resolutions and Goals and all that good stuff. I’m not one for annual resolutions (that I know I’ll forget about and break) but am I am one for goals and lists. Now that I’m entering the Spring Of My Life, it seems like a good time to pull it all together and put a few good, strong goals on paper.

This year I want to:

Be healthy. Healthier. Act in accordance with my values, live fully with the seasons, practice moderation and appreciation every day. Continue to eat locally and take medicine from the garden. Learn more about medicine from the garden, and eat smaller portions of local food. Exercise more. Love myself. Moisturize more. Stretch. Quiet my mind more often.

Find a few recipes for hand creams and lip balms that don’t use beeswax, because I’m allergic to it. I love to make salves for my family and friends that use beeswax because it is a healing substance for those who don’t react when they use it. But for me it’s no good. I want to be able to make something at home that is healthy and healing.

Learn about growing onions. I’m already dreaming about my garden for next summer. I am so fortunate to have access to an enormous supply of fresh, local and naturally-grown veggies thanks to my local farmers. I love having a garden of my own at home too. I grow a lot of herbs and flowers because they are my first true love, and vegetables fall not far behind. This summer I want to grow lots and lots of onions because I use onions more than any other vegetable – I use an onion a day, on average. If you’re counting, that’s 365 onions every year. I don’t have room for that many onions in my garden this summer, but how about 150? Can I grow that many? Do I have the right soil for it? What does it take to grow a good, solid onion?

Visit art museums as much as possible. I always make point to seek out art with my kids, and this year I want to max it out.

The usual additions to the list: knit more, read more, be better about putting away laundry. Use less plastic. Incorporate my children’s artwork into our household decor even more. Go camping. Take a vacation with my husband and children. Watch more meteor showers. Find the perfect bug spray (or make it). Learn more about the constellations. Pick more strawberries in June. Attract new birds to our feeders. Teach my children more about gears and pulleys and things that GO. Make it one more year with my children’s complete innocence about the world intact. Learn to ski. Snowshoe a lot. Find that place inside of me that is just between openness and consistency – that place that is supposed to nourish. Tie down the chicken’s water bowl so they stop knocking it over. Take my children to the capital building so they can see how laws are made and things get done. Track the weather at our home. Become more organized.

That feels like a good start.

Welcome 2013! Looking forward to all that you bring.




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