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We’re busy, but trying to stay slow. I am not certain it can work. We’re trying anyway.

What we’re up to:

The teacher of one of ‘A’s homeschool classes lent us this book and puzzle today after finding out that ‘A’ is a slide puzzle whiz. ‘A’ can do them so easily, and when I ask her how she does it, she just says, “oh Mommy, you just do it!” As she grows and I get to know her better, I can see that the slide puzzles and her fascination with origami are just two of the many things that reflect her visual spatial personality. And if you have a visual spatial learner at home with you, you probably smiled knowingly when you read, “you just do it!”

I try to encourage the abstract thinking that comes so easily to her. When she is an adult, she will be the one to push through the mental boundaries that confine the rest of us and she will take us to new places in our thinking. And I’m betting that her desk then will be just as interestingly organized as her room is now!

Other than that, it’s business as usual here: church stuff, homemaking stuff, nature stuff, chicken stuff. I’ll include some sneak peeks at the chicken coop and soon, soon! Jeff will help me with a post that goes into more detail about the construction and design of the fine building.

Speaking of the chickens, I had a scare last night. I checked on them after dark when it was feeling chilly outside. I peeked in the hen house and counted 12 chicks. “But I have 16!” I thought, and I immediately went into panic mode. Where were they? Jeff came out with a flashlight and I finally found the remaining 4: they were under the hen house, not in it. The house is raised a few feet off the ground, and under it is a sheltered, screened area. And get this: they were sleeping in exactly the same spot they would be in if they were in the house, just 3 feet underneath. I guess birds really do orient themselves to the exact coordinates. These birds forgot to take elevation into account. Whew! I was worried!

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  1. Richard G. Ryder April 18, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Great stuff! Especially about Abby. Remember what I said about one of my chickens laying a lot of eggs under the henhouse? You’ll have to screen that area off maybe. But, if it is 3 feet above ground, maybe there is not a problem as you can see under the henhouse.

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