There’s something magical about these little fruits that grow every season. I plant cherry tomatoes just as spring turns to summer, always putting into the ground far more plants than I know I need. They look so small then, just a few leaves on a thin stem. “How will they ever grow?” I wonder. “We’ll never have enough.” Then August comes and I find myself harvesting more and more every day. They’re sweet, they ripen quickly and they grow in abundance. I give thanks while I pick them and drop them into my basket. I find myself wondering now if I plant them simply to set myself up to feel grateful.

The blackberries that grow at our new homestead are nothing short of a gift from the Universe. The girls love to eat them straight from the vine, and the berries that don’t make it into their hands or the chicken’s mouths end up in my freezer, awaiting a delicious blackberry sorbet. Lately the weather has been colder and the berry ripening has been slowing down. Some days I go out to pick and there are just a few ready for harvest. Today I thought twice about stopping by the bush with a basket because I was sure the pickings were slim. I took a chance, and was rewarded over and over again. So many berries were plump, ripe, and ready to be picked! My basket was overflowing. I am blessed.

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