Halloween Ghosts

Today these little guys came out to grace our front lawn. The girls helped me make four of these ghosts so that we can (finally) have some Halloween decorations at our house. Here’s the truth: my girls are 5 and 7 years old and I’ve never decorated for Halloween beyond a few carved pumpkins. This year we’re in a new house and it’s time for me put a little more energy and creativity into decorating for the holidays. The idea for these ghosts came about because I wanted something homemade and fun to look at, but not expensive or hard to make.

I looked around for inexpensive white sheets or other white fabric and found nothing that fit the project budget (I was looking to do this whole project for almost free). Then I found white felt at the fabric store, on sale for a few dollars a yard. At home we made a paper pattern using the big newsprint roll I got from our local newspaper a few months ago. We tested the pattern by cutting out a paper front and back for the ghost and stapling them together at the edge. When we finally got the shape we wanted, we cut the felt, a front and back for each ghost.

Each ghost received some eyes and a mouth out of black felt I had in my scrap stash.

Cutting out felt and sewing it is so easy to do. These were a breeze to cut and sew. I just sewed along the cut line. No turning, no ironing. I applied the eyes and mouth by sewing a few stitches through each with black thread. They’re not on as tightly as could be, but they’ll do. If a tornado came through our yard the eyes and mouths would probably get blown off. But if a tornado hit I would have other problems to worry about, so I think the eyes and mouths on the ghosts will do just fine.

After the faces were sewn on I switched to white thread in the machine (‘H’ praised me for making sure my thread matched the fabric – thank you my little one for being so attentive). I sewed up the sides of the front and back of each ghost, leaving the bottom open. We all agreed that they looked like little wedding dresses.

Then it was time to make the ghost frame that would hold the fabric bodies. Initially I thought about getting styrofoam balls and sticking them into the tomato stakes I had leftover from our summer garden. Then I found out how much styrofoam craft balls cost. Do you know how much they cost? WOW! On to Plan B: rolled up newsprint stuck on a tomato stake, wrapped in plastic wrap to keep the head dry.

The easy way to make ghost heads:

Take a few feet of newsprint and wrap it loosely around the end of a tomato stake or 48″ stick. Add a few more layers of newsprint until you have a nice sized ball on the end of the stick. Keep the stick in the newsprint ball. It’s much easier to start out with it in the ball than to have to drill a hole and try to wedge it in. Trust me.

After you make the paper head, wrap it with plastic wrap. You’ll need a second set of hands for this part. When it’s wrapped up with a few layers, the ball should sit firmly atop the stick. The ghost is coming together!

All that’s left to do now is put on the ghost costume and stick the ghost in the ground or in a flower pot filled with soil.

Hey, I bet you could make miniature versions of this for indoor tabletop or mantle decorations!

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