I am making a serious effort to allow time for more creativity in my life. Somehow it dried up with the work of the summer, and didn’t come back easily this fall. Other activities have filled its place – homeschooling, church volunteer work, playing with the kitten, tending to the new wood stove, and researching my family history, to name a few. All of those are good things to fill my time, but I miss creating. With words, with fiber, with paper, with my camera.

I started a knitting project that’s just for me. What a treat! It’s the Madelinetosh Honey Cowl. I’m making the longer version (220 cast on stitches). Casting on took a few tries (too tight, twisted stitches, not a long enough tail…) but once I got going it’s been smooth sailing. I’m looking forward to finishing, blocking and wearing as soon as possible.

I find it easier to make time to knit during the school year, when the girls have classes and I can sit and be busy with my hands. I like the small projects that are portable and easy to pick up. I would love to try my hand at a hat when I am finished with this cowl.

RIP Laura

We lost our first chicken out of the original 10 hens. Laura got sick and died last week. She had a prolapsed vent and although my wonderful friend Rebecca and I tried to patch her up, she died a few days later in my arms. The girls were there when she went, and it was sad. I did not expect her to die that day. Or ever. I knew we would face a chicken emergency at some point – of course I didn’t know when or what it would be. The remaining hens are doing well and we have all recovered from Laura’s death just fine.

Speaking of the chickens, they are entering their second winter season and as expected they are going through their first molt. Mary molted very early (last spring) so I don’t expect her to molt again this winter (but you never know!). Fae is finished with her molt and she looks fantastic. Blue is coming out of hers, and a few others are in the process. Our egg supply is at its lowest point ever right now. I am told to be patient and wait.

Our second round of snowflakes came this morning, but didn’t add up to anything.

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