Happy New Year!

  2-new-year-roosterHi there! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I look at how much time passed between my few posts in 2013 and I think, “Woosh, time went by fast last year!” I hardly marked it at all. I must have needed to let it go by unnoticed.

Looking around me now, I have that funny feeling you have when you wake up from a nonsensical dream. My little girls, who were very young for so long (it seemed), are growing older and bigger. They are maturing and are taking time to identify their preferences and define their personalities. Our interaction is different than it used to be. My role as a mother is less physical – I don’t hoist my kids into highchairs and car seats anymore. I don’t dress them or bend down to tie their shoes. I don’t crawl around after them, sweeping up their toys. I use a lot more of my head and heart when I parent now. I talk with the girls a lot more now, and less at them. We make more decisions jointly, as a family. Negotiation is a skill we are all working on. I help them think through decision making processes. We talk about empathy and compassion, anger and revenge. We talk a lot about thoughts and feelings.

Life is different now that my girls are growing up. They are 8 and 6, still so young, but maturing at the fastest pace. One of my biggest challenges these past few months has revolved around my all-time favorite topic, the flow of the day. I like routine and I enjoy being in my space at home. I like to take care of my children, our cats, the chickens, the plants, the garden. I like to watch the birds come and go at the feeders and see the trees change throughout the year. I like to see how the day flows by. Part of the reason I keep this blog is to document the flow of the day and the seasons, and ultimately the year.

As the girls have grown, their needs have changed. I have been aware that they’re ready for more of some things, less of others. As a family, we’ve been adjusting and trying to find our way. All of this has meant that my time has been spent differently. I’ve been relying on my intuition to anticipate changes and act accordingly, and I haven’t paused at all to see what is around me. I think the way we have been moving along this past year is overall very positive. The girls are fairly happy and well-adjusted; Jeff and I are happy in our marriage; the homestead keeps rolling on. Intuition has taken me this far, and it is time now for me to come back to my regular habit of seeing, reflecting, and documenting time.

Picking up my camera is a good first start.




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