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Meal planning inspiration from Isa

“Happy and healthy” is a good way to describe our family right now. January is generally a good month for me. By now I’ve succumbed to the reality of winter and I am comfortable and secure in the season. The days are getting noticeably longer. With the holiday rush behind us, the month seems so vast and free. Anything is possible.

Around here, we are doing the same things we always do in January, so although anything seems possible, we stick to the tried and true. Closets have been cleaned and organized; to-do lists and upcoming projects are ready for action; meal planning has begun again in earnest; schoolwork begins anew. And this year a new activity was added: exercise habits are being woven into the daily routine.

I made a decision and took action on something that has been a long time coming. I purchased a rowing machine. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, and though I originally thought I could find one for cheap on Craigslist, my search led me a brand-new Concept 2 rower straight from the factory. I hadn’t intended to get such a high quality machine, but as I thought about my reason behind wanting a rower at home, I knew that it was the way to go. I love using the rowing machine, and when we lived closer to a fitness center I would go just to row. I was so happy with the feeling I got from my rowing workout. After we moved two years ago it was nearly impossible for me to keep up with a gym schedule. We now live 30 minutes from any fitness center, and with two home schooled elementary children, it’s hard to find time to work out.

I turned 40 last year. I am at a point in my life where one year looks so much like the next, and if I couldn’t get to a gym or schedule regular outdoor activities last year, I am certainly not going to do it this year… unless I make some changes. Going to a gym or relying on clear, sunny weather has not worked. I knew that the best answer was to bring fitness to me – right into my home. I knew it had to be in the form of rowing.

I have had the machine now for almost a week and I love it. I do benefit so much from regular exercise – we all do of course. For me it is a non-negotiable part of staying happy and balanced.

Cheers to January! I am starting out this new year on a good foot. I am happy and healthy.



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