here and there

The week before Christmas finds us here and there. Dance classes, where today I found out that my not-so-natural dancer is really very good about remembering the steps and snapping her arms and hips to the beat, while my natural dancer girl is busy twirling to the music, lost in the beat, unconcerned about the routine.

 Waking up to a coat of ice all over everything tells us that winter is right around the corner. And indeed, it is.

Would you believe that 490 million years ago our little village was located south of the equator and rested at the bottom of the ocean floor? It’s true, and we found evidence of that fact not far away from our home. This photo is of stromatolites, a type of fossil. The ring shapes are made by algae-type plants that grew in the warm water. As the water filled with sediment the plants became fossilized. When the glacier came through it cut through the fossils, removing the tops of the plant fossils. The exposed rings are a cross section of the plant. The rest is still in the rock under the ground.


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