Hi from the Village Homestead!


Hey there!

It’s been a while.

How are you?

I’m here, still ruling the roost at the Village Homestead. I’ve been up to a bunch of things, and I want to fill you in.

For starters, I started an herbal skin care business. I love using herbs that I grow myself, and I was making all kinds of balms with them last year. So many people told me to go into business and I said “Yes! I’m doing it!”

So I did it, and it’s been really good. So good that I even got up the courage to apply to be a vendor at the farmers’ market, and I was accepted!

My company is called Jillian’s Apothecary, and I have a website and an Etsy shop. I’ll be at the Spa City Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 10-3, starting May 1. (Squeal and Yikes! I’m so excited!)

The very best way to keep in touch is by following me on Instagram or Facebook.

What else is new? My girls are 9 and 10 years old. We have 13 chickens. Five of them turned 4 years old recently, and the other eight 2.

I’ve got 2 beehives, and I think they both made it through the winter. One definitely did, not completely sure about the other one, but I’ll know for sure when I got out and visit them next week.

My old house is still a big, beautiful old house. She needs a lot of love, but we give it willingly.

Come and see me at the market, and if you’re not close by (or even if you are), visit me on Instagram and Facebook.

– Jillian

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