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The home movies of my childhood are all at my sister’s house and on Thanksgiving we pulled out the projector and the reels of film and watched a few. There’s no sound to them and the film moves along quickly, sort of at high speed. The movies are all quick clips of events, glimpses of what was. When we were young – very young – I loved watching them in the evenings, the same way my girls love watching the movies we’ve taken of them. They love to watch themselves as they learned to walk, learned to talk, learned to play with new things. I think it helps to cement their memories, helps to form their self-identity. It did much of the same for me when I was young and watched the movies of me and my sisters.

I enjoyed watching them last week. It was different this time – I haven’t seen them in years. I remembered every scene as if I had watched them yesterday. That is how much of an impression they made on me when I was young. I watched the movies last week and just took it all in. The houses we used to live in, the friends we played with, the clothing we wore, the games we played and activities we enjoyed. I thought the things you think when you become an adult, namely, “My parents look so young.”

I haven’t been very good about taking videos of my girls this year and I do need to get better about picking up the camera and shooting a few minutes here and there. The memories are precious and will stay with them forever. It’s so easy to capture video with my phone and send it right to the computer. And then watch it on the TV. The technology is there. It’s the human component that’s a bit slow in our home.

A noble goal: capture video for our own home movies, and preserve the memories forever.

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  1. Patricia Ryder November 28, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Your Mother still looks young!

  2. Jillian November 28, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    well of course you do!

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