Homemaking & soulmaking

It’s been several weeks since I made my own bread and yogurt, foods I have become accustomed to making on a weekly basis these past few years. I took time today to heat some milk, add the yogurt culture, stir in a little maple syrup for flavor, and set it to turn into yogurt we eat for breakfast every day. Then I put together the ingredients for wheat bread and kneaded it on the stone counter. I can’t tell you how good it feels to prepare this basic food once again. I make our food from scratch for a few reasons: it’s fresher and healthier, it tastes better, I use fewer resources when I make it myself, and because it satisfies my soul. The routine grounds me. When I serve the food I make, I see the connections between my family and the precious resources we consume. The everyday routines and small moments become more meaningful.

It’s a dappled sunlight kind of day today, perfect for the creek wading we’ll be doing later this afternoon, perfect for the bird watching we did all morning.



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