Honey Harvest

Our honey harvest was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Sounds crazy, I know, but seeing how much delicious honey the little bees produce is powerful. My sister Emily, a beekeeper also (much more experienced than I!) came to help and show us the way.

I had put escape boards on the hives 2 days before harvest day. They kind of worked – many bees left the honey supers (boxes full of frames of honey at the top of the hive) but there were still a fair number of bees that weren’t ready to move further down into the hive and leave the supers empty. Getting them out was an interesting experience. I think next time I’ll use a fume board, which works a little better.

We set up the extractor in the kitchen and spent several hours uncapping and spinning. We broke for dinner and to watch a show the girls put on for us. And to lick honey from the dripping frames.

Total harvest: about 8 gallons. Amazing.

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