How scrapbooking relates to homeschooling

This post could also be called, “How I am trying to justify spending money on paper crafting tools for my 8 year old.”

*A quick aside: it’s not May 1st today! I wrote yesterday that it was – this is what I get for listening to my children sing about the warm weather and the excitement they feel when turning the page on their calendars.*

Scrapbooking. Paper crafting. Those terms give me a little bit of angst. I love paper and on occasion I have tried my hand at paper crafting, but it never stuck. It’s an expensive, time consuming hobby. And while some of my hobbies can be described the same way, I was never really drawn to the world of scrapbooking. My little ‘A’ though is another story. She’s been crafting with paper since I can remember. Take a look at this photo I took when she was 2 years old. Lately she’s been doing a little more paper crafting (and I’ve been investing in some tools to help make it happen). She’s in heaven. She told me today that she’s adding “scrapbooking” to her list of talents. And true to the scrapbooker’s soul, she has an actual list she keeps in a book. She adds more talents to it as she discovers them.

What does all of this have to do with homeschooling? From time to time I wonder what she might like to “be” when she grows up. What skills will she polish and hone? How will she contribute to the world around us? One of her strengths is that she is a record keeper. She records events in her head and on paper, and keeps memories alive. One of the professions that is wide open for her is that of archivist. She also loves history. Paper crafting involves learning to handle paper respectfully, sorting, organizing, planning ahead, and looking at the whole picture even when you’re working on a small part. It gives her hands on experience with some of the tactile parts of an archivist’s job. The process of creating new paper projects involves looking and observing wherever she goes to pick up new ideas, even when she’s not actively working with her hands.

So, with that said, I think we are embarking on a new journey over here.

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