hungry for spring

This is a tough time of year for me. It’s spring and the weather is warming up. I want to look about and find flowers and green leaves and sunshine all over, but I don’t see it unless I look hard. It will come eventually, but not yet. Every year I tell myself I feel this way because I grew up in an area where winter would have left a long while ago and spring would have rolled in soon after. I’m not used to such long winters. My internal calendar says that warm weather and all the trappings of spring should have arrived and unpacked weeks ago. I wait, and wait and wait.

In the meantime, I’m waking up and feeling energized in other ways. A new kitchen garden for herbs is materializing next to the house with help from the chickens (aka mobile rototillers). And speaking of the chickens, we are well past the days (and nights) of frozen water bowls, and about past the season of buttoning the chickens up tight at night to keep them warm. This is significant because I can leave the little door to the hen house open, allowing them to come and go in the morning. I don’t have to wake up at dawn to let them out. You might know this: the sun rises really early these days. If I don’t have to go outside to open the chicken door, I’ll be happy. I’m up at that hour anyway thanks to the robin family living in the tree outside our bedroom window, but there is a big difference between listening to the robin shouting at everyone first thing in the morning, and getting on your clothes and shoes to let the chickens out. Big difference.

We have been busy with all kinds of fun activities lately. Field trips, parties, classes, running around. I schedule down time and sometimes I steal it from other activities because it is so badly needed. Time to rest in an unstructured way is crucial to our way of being here. The good thing is that it’s usually easy to find.

Tomorrow is May! Already! I think this might have been the quickest April ever.

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