I’m here!

I’m still here. I’ve been focused on a lot of things lately including volunteer work. I’ve been energized and busy and it’s been a good experience. I did set down my camera during these past few weeks and so I had no photos to post here. Today the girls picked up my camera and started taking photos so they can enter the photography contest in our town. I snapped a few shots too.

There’s snow on the ground. The air is starting to warm but it’s still wintery here. I’m not sick of it yet. The chickens are, though.

Things I’m marveling at, wondering about, working on, planning for:

The chickens never really stopped laying eggs this winter, and in fact they’ve picked up the pace in the past few weeks. Blue was the last chicken to start laying (she’s pictured in the photo above – she’s on the left), and I would say she started a few weeks ago. She is a cross between a blue cochin and a blue laced red wyandotte. She is the biggest, fluffiest chicken ever. Her eggs have a very light colored shell.

With two birthdays coming up – ‘H’ turns 6 next week and ‘A’ turns 8 in April – it’s time for me to break out the sewing machine and start making some doll clothes. And time to take ‘A’ to the bead store to make jewelry for her sister’s present.

I’ve been knitting, doing computer stuff, cleaning out the chicken coop, checking the beehives (bad news there, I’ll share more when I know in a few weeks), and building a lot of fires in our fireplaces. I’ve been thinking about yoga, fresh sungold tomatoes, and making strawberry jam. I’ve been watching my little children grow older. And in a different way, I’ve been watching my cat grow older.

I’m thinking about the day when we sand down the kitchen table and restain it. When we paint a few of the rooms in our home a new color. I’ve been enjoying the time we have with our 10 chickens, and I think about next spring, or maybe the one after that, when we hatch new chicks, and make decisions about the fate of the older hens. Some are pets, some are not.

I’ve been working at the farmers market, volunteering at the UU church, reading to my children, driving here and there to classes of all sorts, peeking at the bird feeders to see who is stopping by, checking the nightly weather report to see if I can leave the little door to the chicken coop open or closed (depending on the air temperature).

I’ve been acting like the mom, the wife, the good citizen, and the friend I know how to be. 

I like being here – this space. I like posting here and I’ll be back again with some regularity again. It’s good to be grounded, to have rituals, to have a daily rhythm.


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