It’s Cold Outside

A fire in our dining room warms up the first floor of this old house 3 degrees.

It’s cold outside. And inside. It’s “fire in the fireplace all day” cold. Layered clothing cold. Frozen water dish in the chicken coop cold. Freezing soil cold. Winter coat cold. Hats and mittens cold. Hot tea in the afternoon cold. Soup for dinner cold.

I’m hoping I didn’t miss my chance to plant the crocus bulbs before the ground freezes.

Hoping I’ll knit fast enough to finish a scarf I want to wear right now for warmth.

Hoping the snow from winter storm Athena passes us by.

Hoping it warms up this weekend so I can tend to the beehives ones last time this season.

Thinking it’s too late to set up a cold frame in the garden for the winter.

Loving this feeling of saying goodbye to the garden for the season so I can turn my attention to indoor activities instead.

Wondering if the chickens are happy outside in the cold today.

There are 14 interior doors in our home, not including closet doors. Keeping some open and some closed allows us to control the heat flow.

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