Just enough…

A new garden bed – the chickens are helping to turn it over

I have just enough of everything, and then a little bit more. Too much of some things, actually, when you compare them to the standard of living around the world. For so many others that are not quantifiable though, I feel I have enough, and then some. We spent the entire weekend in forward motion, doing all kinds of wonderful activities of our choosing. What a luxury! Jeff and I watched both of our daughters march in a Memorial Day parade on Saturday and followed it with hours gardening at home. The girls said goodbye to a sweet friend who is moving away, and I said goodbye to their mother, who is also a sweet friend.  Sunday found our family at the hardware store purchasing a fancy-dancy lawn tractor for Jeff (and me, if I can get him to let me use it), more gardening at home and also at our community garden. Today we moseyed down the block to the center of our tiny village and watched the best parade I have ever seen. We followed that up with more gardening at home. Exhausted? Yes. Happy? Absolutely.

“Larry”, our head rooster

Our gardening endeavors are partly “starting the season” work that comes around every year coupled with “starting a new garden bed” work. We moved into this home in the middle of winter and I’ve been surveying the property ever since, looking for the right opportunity. There was a spot under two large trees that was nothing short of ugly. A covered, abandoned well sat between the trees. Grass wouldn’t grow underneath the canopy, and mud took over with even the hint of rain. We decided to turn this eyesore into a garden.

It’s still a work in progress – in another week the preliminary work will be done. Beds will be turned over and edged, transplants set in, wood chips paths established. Over the course of the summer the girls and I will be adding artwork and personal touches. It’s our family garden.

Taking time to smell the flowers during dinner

‘A’, Grace and the chickens

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