Lapbooks & gods and goddesses

We sometimes use lapbooks as part of our homeschooling practice. They’re great for helping kids (and adults!) remember details about a story, a historical era or a scientific process. Recently the girls have been learning about Ancient Greece and I noticed we all had trouble keeping our facts about the gods and goddesses straight. So we started making lapbooks about each one. It is fun and creative, in addition to being a handy way to remember facts.

There are tons of lapbooking resources for homeschoolers on the internet. This site gives a good overview. You can find templates here. For our gods and goddesses lapbooks I did not use a template – I folded the file folder so that it opens in the front (like a door, or like a triptych, for all you art lovers out there). We typed the facts we knew about each god and goddess and printed them out. Then the girls cut out the facts and made drawings to illustrate each fact, and glued everything onto the folder.

The nice thing about the whole process is that it truly engages the girls as they learn about the subject, and long after the scissors and glue are put away I find them retelling the stories about the gods and goddesses and incorporating them into free play. It’s a glimpse of how education should work. In my ideal world it is fun and meaningful all the time.


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