lessons to learn

Lessons – there are always lessons to be learned, aren’t there? No matter how old I get, I am always learning my lessons.

*  I took too much honey from my hives this year. Next year I’ll leave them with more. Without enough, they will likely die this winter. I know I took too much because they are clustering at the top of the hive, meaning they have already eaten all of the honey they had stored. So, to compensate I’m feeding them dry sugar. Today I put an empty shallow super on top of the hive, under the inner cover. I placed newsprint on top of the frames, in the empty super, and poured white sugar on the newspaper. The inner and outer covers went back on. Doing this allows the bees to eat through the newsprint and find the sugar when they need it. Fingers crossed that they survive.

I might add here that I tend to be a bit overprotective of my hives and I do assume the worst when in fact it’s not true. So they may or may not be out of honey stores now. However the dry sugar won’t hurt them a bit and offers another layer of protection. It’s cheap insurance, the old beekeepers say.

Other lessons:

*  Simplicity Parenting is an ongoing process. I’m reading Kim John Payne’s book on the topic. Even as I take conscious steps to keep our home life simple, I find myself responding to a little voice in my head. Get more involved in social causes. Show the girls how to work toward change. What are you doing to make a positive difference in the world? Do more.

Now, it’s not as if I am wanting for something else to fill my time. I have plenty to do everyday. And I am doing something to make positive change in the world – raising my children to appreciate a quiet, focused lifestyle. One where they feel safe, competent and valued. There is a part of me that wants to be on the busy-ness train and do more. The process of simplifying goes on and on.

*  To help me learn my lessons more clearly, I started reading Sara Stover’s book The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life. It’s full of reminders that all the wisdom I seek is already within me, and that living a healthy, authentic life is a priority for me. Yes, I need this book! It’s time to focus, to get clear about what I am doing and why I am doing it. To get healthy. To be radiant with happiness.

As I write this I am not radiant with happiness at all – I got stung today by a bee on my stomach and immediately took a big dose of Benadryl to reverse any allergic reaction. So now I am practically asleep from Benadryl stupor.


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