Like a rolling stone

I remember a time just before or around the time I met Jeff, when I would meet people who would casually mention something about me being in a time in my life when I was independent and living life to the fullest. I remember after one such time Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” came on the radio (radio! remember that?). I WAS a rolling stone back then, happily so. Not anymore. I’m married and I’m a mom. I own a super-old house and I have chickens who depend on me to take care of them every day. Oh I have things to take care of, I do. I’m not a rolling stone anymore, I’m a glacier. I’m a mountain. This is what happened to me today:

We have a bedroom at the back of the house that used to be a porch until at some point it was nicely enclosed. Lovely baseboards, lovely antique hardware on the doors. But not so much insulation to speak of, so today the pipe to the radiator froze and the temperature in the room was 41 degrees. Warm compared outdoors, where it was zero-ish. Oh my, a frozen pipe is bad news! After phone calls and fussing and wondering and exploring I decided to plug in the space heaters and direct them at the radiator. I hoped for the best and my positive energy was rewarded. The pipe thawed. And if that were the end of the story I would be so grateful.

In the course of thawing the pipe I built a fire in the frozen room (it has a fireplace – we’ve never used it, but it’s there). I opened the damper by pulling the chain but did not make sure it was unfrozen and completely open before building my fire… so you can imagine what happened. The room filled with smoke and I doused the fire with water. Turned the smoke detectors off, calmed the girls, then directed the space heaters at the frozen radiator pipe once again. The space heaters overloaded the circuit. A bit more adjustment and that situation was taken care of. Art class came and went without us present.

Eventually it all worked out just fine. There were many trips made outside, where it was so cold that I swore I was going to lose my nose to frostbite. I worried about the chickens but they seemed to do OK. I have a heater on their water bowl but today it wasn’t strong enough to keep it melted, and in the course of the day I brought out 4 buckets of water to give them something liquid to drink.

I was “done” with today before it even started. Remember, I didn’t grow up here, and I’m not used to the cold. It gets really cold here, unlike coastal Connecticut, the place where I base my assumptions. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this cold weather, even if I can learn to live with it.

After all was said and done with the radiator, when I thought I had all the warm water running through the house OK, ‘H’ turned on the sink to wash her hands before dinner and called out, “Mommy, the sink won’t go on!” The cold water pipe going to the sink froze. Oh my. Oh my. Goodnight January 24, 2013, and good riddance.

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