Looking forward to spring!


Here it is at the end of February and we are looking forward to spring. Less than a month away – it is within reach! The days are noticeably longer and brighter now. The snow is still piled up and the cold is just as cold as ever, but soon it will all change.

Climate change is real, folks. The cold weather we have been experiencing in upstate New York this year is a result of a shift in the jet stream, which is a result of the melting ice caps. We need to address our fossil fuel issues soon.

Looking ahead, I see a few months of school left, and I am excited to wrap up some projects with the girls and start new ones. I see gardening season around the corner and I’ll be starting seeds indoors in about a month. I see new chicks in our future – the details are still foggy but will surely be hammered out soon. I see housework related to the spring thaw ahead: cementing the cellar walls and installing a gutter. Kitty-training is on the horizon too, as Coco will be introduced to the outdoors after the snow melts and the nights warm up a bit (she’ll hopefully come in every night, but the possibility that she doesn’t is very real; she’s a barn cat at heart).

Looking back, I am holding onto memories of last week: my grandmother, my last living grandparent, passed away and I had the opportunity to see relatives I love at her funeral. Separately I saw a much-loved aunt and uncle on the other side of my family. It is truly a blessing to have happy and supportive extended family.

Back home, in the present, I find that we are moving all the time. We live a bit in the past, sometimes in the future, and predominantly in the present. There is always something to do, something to learn, something to read, something to create, something to photograph, someone to talk to, something to cook, someone to hold, something to clean.


I have a few photos of the beach at my mother’s home at the Cape. I was there for a few days last week. Have a great day, and I’ll see you here soon.  26-girls-walking-down-to-beach


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