More of everything good

Miracles do happen. Today I mailed the Girl Scout cookies my mother ordered months ago. Finally. And I finished the apron I have been making for my work at the farmer’s market. It’s my own pattern that I made on the fly – I wanted something functional yet feminine, with a country girl twist. It has pockets for the money I handle and a side pocket for my phone and lip balm. The bottom flares out a bit and gives it a feminine look. I can’t wait to wear it on Saturday at the market!

New adventures that we’ve set on this week:

My girls started morning swimming lessons and in just three days moved their bedtime up by 1 and 1/2 hours. I always forget how tired they get when they swim every day. The cold pool and early morning hours help them into their nightime slumber. As for the lessons, they love them. I love watching them.

Creativity! I’m taking a pottery class in town. I haven’t worked with clay since I was a teenager, and that was back in the dark ages. I’m happy to report that the clay is still the same, and so are the tools. I worked on a wall hanging and chose to highlight the four seasons and the emotions and natural processes that accompany each one. The canvas is filled with words and I still found it to be too small for everything I wanted to say. Summer is upon us and I am finding boundless possibility outdoors and in the garden. Anything is possible as the vegetables continue to grow. The dream of bounty is alive and well.

This week continues to bring us more sewing, more swimming, more time in the garden (both ours and our community garden), more blueberry picking, more crafting with friends and more time playing with our chickens. Peppered with classes and running around town. More of everything good.

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