More of the same

More of the same around here: resting (the girls have lovingly shared their cold with me), low-key school lessons, and crafting for our winter celebrations. We cut down our tree on Saturday and within a day it was standing and fully decorated in the parlor. I have never strung lights and decorated a tree so quickly and easily. I think it is a combination of three things: I have more experience; I’m not stopping to nurse or snuggle a baby every few minutes; and my children are at an age where they are truly helpful. I even have willing volunteers who want to be in charge of watering the tree twice a day! Life sometimes feels like a piece of cake – it’s so much easier with older kids around to help out.

Saturday was the last day of working outdoors at the market – from now until Spring we’ll be inside. Good! It was cold and windy and snowy on Saturday and I just about froze out there. It takes a while to thaw out.

Grace knows how to warm up:

Next up: sewing some new ornaments for the tree. The girls will enjoy the stitching practice.

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