My Fountain of Youth


Well folks, I’m still drinking calendula tea every day, and since it’s no fun to play with just one herb at a time, I am still adding ginger to it, and sometimes motherwort tincture. This week I went and found some tulsi tea to add to the mix. The brand of tulsi that is most readily available at the stores I frequent is Organic India. Also called Holy Basil, tulsi is a mild tasting tea that is so good for you, with many medical uses. It’s an adaptogen, meaning it supports us during times of stress (which is every day in my life as a mom, and maybe quite often for you too). Adaptogens work on a molecular level to protect us from the negative effects of stress. They modulate the body’s response to stress and support the adrenal system, which is important for all of us, especially for those of us who are mothering every day. Mothers, even those who make a point of getting rest, eating well and moving around every day, are often chronically exhausted. Our adrenal glands are working overtime for months on end (and those months quickly turn into years). Experts say the best way to support the adrenal system is to maintain a lifestyle that includes time to sleep deeply, time to relax and meditate, and of course ingest foods and herbs that help regulate adrenal function.

Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? It isn’t always possible to live that way. Ask any mother of an infant or toddler when she last slept deeply. I know I didn’t sleep well for years. Just this past year I started sleeping again, as my children are growing and now sleep through the night with some consistency. That means I can sleep too. I wish I had known about the role of adaptogens in supporting the adrenal glands when my children were little. I was so tired! I would have loved to drink a soothing tea that gave me comfort and a sense of calm every day during that time.

Like I said in my last post, since I have been drinking calendula and ginger, I have felt younger. I’m still not sure how to describe it except to say that I feel like I did ten years ago. It has something to do with my circulation or my hormones, or something that is happening under my skin. Maybe it’s in my mind. I wouldn’t say I’m radiating good health right now, because I’m still sick – I don’t feel vibrant and full of energy. I wouldn’t say my skin is bright and clear, or that my strength has increased. I just feel younger somehow.

Calendula and ginger aren’t classified as adaptogens, but they do support our body systems and can be taken for general good health. I discovered that I respond the combination of these two herbs very well, so I am seeing where they take me. I am still learning about the power of herbs on our health, so undoubtedly components of these plants I don’t know about yet are affecting me in this way.

I’m not keeping this secret to myself – I’ve got the girls drinking the tea, too. Certainly their growing bodies need support and care, right?






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