Olympians on the TV, song birds in the chicken coop, and other things


The Olympics are going on now, so if you’re wondering where to find my children, you can bet they’re in front of the TV. If they’re not watching the games, they’re thinking and talking about them. They, like many of us, are totally transfixed by the sight of athletes pushing the physical limits. I cringe when I watch the skiers and sledders head down the track at speeds faster than I have ever driven in my car. The girls think it’s fascinating. We all appreciate the effort the competitors have put into their sport and are grateful for the chance to watch them compete and perform.

When I opened up the chicken coop this morning, a songbird was in there. I had closed the door of the coop after dark last night, so I know the bird wasn’t accidentally trapped – it chose to roost there for the night. I don’t know what kind it was; it was small and round, like a sparrow; dark and striped; and it had a long, pointy beak. It was little. When it saw me it was alarmed and upset and I couldn’t get a good look at it because it kept flying around, trying to get out of the coop. It went and hid under the ramp the chickens use to get in and out of the hen house. According to my bird book, it could be a winter wren. The photos on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website look a lot like the bird I saw. I don’t know if it got out of the coop okay, or if the chickens did something to it. They like to chase little animals, so who knows what happened. I will see if it’s in there tomorrow morning too.

Today the girls and I took a few minutes to head outside with our cameras. The theme was “Lines” and the photos are here.

Along that theme of finding lines, here is a set of fox prints along the side of the house. The snow is too deep right now for them to run freely through the yard. They hug the walls when they can.


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