On Being Creative

The weather is warming up here and that means our creative juices are starting to flow again! I don’t know why I feel creative only in warm weather but it’s how I am, and that’s that. I’ve recently acquired a few stamping accessories and today the girls and I put some to use while writing out birthday thank you notes.

I am loving the way I am starting to use watercolor again with just a simple stamp to get me started. I am also loving that both of my girls do amazing work. ‘A’ is older, so her work is more mature and refined, but ‘H’ has an eye for composition that is innate. I am not at all surprised that my children take so well to art because there are artists in my family tree. The girls spend a lot of time drawing with colored pencils on empty paper. They’re branching into paper/stamping/painting crafts now and are so happy to have an hour or two here or there to create.

Speaking of time, it’s that time of year when it’s in short supply, so we’re enjoying moments when we can. There are extra rehearsals, extra practice times, extra classes scheduled for the regular activities. I try so hard to keep our family calendar calm and routine and I feel as though we just got put on a scheduling treadmill, set on high speed! It will only last a month or so and then things will be back to normal, and that fact alone is keeping me sane and happy. Before I know it the garden will need weeding, then harvesting and the harvested food will need to be cooked and preserved. The summer is always a time of fullness for us.

On the topic of things that need to get done, the bees are off to a good start this year. One hive died over the winter (they starved. So sad.). The other one is hopping and happy. I am being proactive this year because I am now a more experienced beekeeper and I know a thing or two. I added extra honey supers as soon as the dandelions and then the apple trees blossomed. I am not about to let my hive split on its own because they run out of space. I have the supers to add, so on they went. The queen of this overwintered hive seems to be somewhat calm because the bees have been gentle with me this year – as gentle as bees get. I know she won’t last forever and they will replace her with another, and I am hoping the future queens are this nice. It is such a pleasure to work with a hive that moves out of your way and doesn’t dive bomb you, stinging you any chance they get.

One more thing, I’ll let you in on a secret. I use this blog partly as a way to document the seasons. Now that I say it, it seems like I’ve said it to you before, so perhaps it’s not such a secret. Since I do use it to keep time, I’m going to share some photos of what is blooming in our yard this week.

Happy Spring and cheers to warm weather!




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