Purely amazing

Grace, watching the swarming bees

Life is amazing, isn’t it? It’s always amazing, never stopping or slowing down in the creation and rejuvenation process. Sometimes I stop appreciating it for some reason or another. Lately I’ve been waking up to all of the awe of this awesome world. I’ve mentioned before that coming out of the fog that hovered over me during the Worst Year of My Life has taken a bit of time. I’ve turned the corner and am moving forward, away from pain and anger and toward appreciation, hope and life. It feels good to be on this journey. There was a time when I truly did not know if I would ever get here again. I’m happy.

Some things in life are happy surprises, like:

Friends who embrace new adventures hand in hand with you. I’m learning about bees, chickens, homeschooling, homesteading, raising children, being a spouse, and growing a bountiful garden right alongside some wonderful friends. It’s good to grow together.

Other things happen just as you think they will, such as:

‘A’ is embracing reading just as I thought she would. Her story is similar to those of so many other children (mostly boys that I’ve heard of) who one day want to learn more about a topic and decide right then and there to start reading fluently. In her case, it’s fairies. She has a set of books about fairies and she decided she would start to read them. Presto, instant reader. Just as I thought it would happen.

Others help to mark time, helping you understand where you are now, where you came from, and (or) where you are heading in the future:

Today I captured a swarm of honeybees. I have no experience doing something like this, and although I am comfortable around bees, the occasion was full of discomfort and unknowns. It was hot as all heck today here in rural, upstate New York. It was not a day for anyone to don a beekeeping suit, gloves and boots. It was not a day for the quick, precise movements needed to shake the bees into a bucket and transport them to a nearby box. I had to climb a ladder to get to the bees, and for someone like me who is afraid of heights and unsure of herself on a ladder, it was not a day to be climbing up high. I did it though because it needed to be done and I trusted that I could do it. If you had told me years ago that I would someday catch a swarm, I wouldn’t have believed you. There was a time in my life when I didn’t understand that the whole world would open up before me and I would continue to learn new things all the time. Here I am, learning something new every day. Swarm-catching is just the beginning.

Will I do it again? I hope not. Unless I want a free hive of bees.

It seems fitting that on the longest day of this year I am feeling full of life, hope and excitement for the future. There is so much to learn and explore, so much to see. Happy Summer Solstice.

Capturing the swarm: ladders, a bucket, a pole and a box


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