ready for the hurricane

The hurricane is headed our way. We’re as prepared as can be. We’re expecting rain, wind and power outages. Last year we dealt with destructive flooding after Hurricane Irene came through. It was painful and heartwrenching. I hope that no one has to go through that this year, and if they do may they have a speedy recovery.

We’ve been busy here at the Village Homestead. We’ve got wood for warmth, water for food and hygiene, non-perishable food to last a while, water and food for the chickens and cat, candles for knitting at night (have you noticed that the emergency personnel don’t recommend using candles anymore? I’m guessing too much of a fire hazard? Well, knit responsibly please!), flashlights and batteries, battery-operated radio… am I forgetting anything?



While waiting for the storm we spent some time adding another nest box to the coop today. Our 10 hens will sometimes bicker over the nest boxes. We have had 2 boxes and there are mornings when both boxes are full and another hen (or two) walks in and asks to use the box to lay an egg. They are pretty clear about asking – they honk, cluck, make all kinds of noise and pace around. There are two hens that habitually lay eggs on the floor of the hen house, instead of in the nest box, and I think it’s because they are crowded out of the nest boxes and can’t wait to lay. Jeff added a third box today and I hope that will make all the difference.

After all the work, we played.

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