Sheep Shearing & Building Blocks

Today was one of those days where I say, “Wow it is tiring to do so much in one day!” It’s not even the quantity of things we did that wore us out, it was the quality. The girls and I started out the day at their Second Story Window class with their homeschool group where they learn about nursery rhymes as building blocks in other forms of media. So many stories, plays and fables are building blocks: you watch a movie and realize that all of the characters can be plugged right into one of Shakespeare’s plays or a Greek myth… or a nursery rhyme. On the flip side, nursery rhymes come from somewhere, don’t they? Where? What the is message that is being conveyed? The idea here is not that they memorize all the nursery rhymes – instead the point is to show them that so many things they will encounter throughout life are built upon existing stories. This is true in the entertainment world, in history and in literature. It is about my all-time favorite topic: Critical Thinking.

After the class we zoomed over to the Brookside Museum to meet up with some more of our homeschooling friends for a guided tour of the Sheep to Shawl exhibit. My children have seen this program in action so many times now and it never ever gets old. You see how a sheep was shorn 150 years ago, how the wool was cleaned, carded and spun, and finally how it was woven into usable cloth. The entire program is interactive & hands-on and we always come home with a new perspective on life in the 19th century, on local history, and on homesteading realities.

A fine day indeed!

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  1. Richard G. Ryder May 9, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Jeff, Jill and girls:
    I am so proud of how things are going for you all. I think I would have fit in to a home schooling environment, but that was not to be 60+ years ago. Just looking at the photo of the home schooled kids together and seeing their smiles is indicative to me that all you HS parents are doing the right thing.

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