simple routines

These next few weeks are full of good things for our family. We will spend time in Florida, welcoming a wonderful new aunt (and sister!) into our family at a wedding; we have homeschool trips and classes to look forward to and prepare for; and we are spending our very first winter holiday season in our new home. Ours is a home that has seen countless celebrations over the past 200 years and we are very excited to be here this year. We’re looking forward to keeping the house warm and happy during the holidays, just as it should be.

It’s a happy time of year and also a busy time. Not that I need to say it because nearly everyone feels the rush of the season. Every day is full of even more things to do. I try to start us out in the morning with a slow routine, hoping it will temper the feeling of running around too much. Build a fire, turn on the tree lights, fill the bird feeders, clean the chicken coop, collect the eggs, play a bit, snuggle with Grace. It’s a good way to start the day.

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