It’s snowing here today and it’s so nice. I still find it odd that I go kicking and screaming into fall and winter, and by January I’m content to settle in and enjoy the snow and cold. It happens every year, so I’ve learned to roll with it. Today marks my first day back at work for Kilpatrick Family Farm at the farmers market after two months. I like working because it gives me some time away from my home – it’s a place where I can completely focus on something other than my family. It’s a nice change of pace for me. The produce I sell is grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so it’s easy for me to sell it with pride. Also, our veggies taste so sweet. Who knew that potatoes could taste sweet? And broccoli too? The sweet potatoes are the sweetest around. I could go on and on…

Speaking of vegetables, I ordered seeds for my summer garden. I don’t want to think about gardening yet but I know that the seed companies sell out fast and I wanted to purchase the varieties of my choice. I’m changing things in the garden this year. For one thing, I’m not using straw as mulch. It brings too many pests to the garden. I’m not growing zucchini or summer squash. They attract too many bugs and they take up too much space, nutrients and water. I can buy zucchini at the farmers market as I need them. I’ve done away with my tomato stands, which were 4 foot tall metal bars, and I’ll find something that supports the long vines better. I’m going to plant everything in long rows instead of sections this year. And a new, exciting addition to our spring garden will be peas – for years ‘A’ has been allergic to them, so we never grew them. This year everything changes.

I guess I have been thinking about the garden a little bit.

I’m also thinking about hatching chicks, building a second coop, planting flowers, and watching the birds come back to nest. Four more months to go until we are living life outdoors again.


Cardinal nest from last fall


Jeff enjoying the snow




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