Summer vacation!

School is over and the girls and I took a much needed r&r trip to the beach. My mom lives at the Cape and right next door is her brother’s (second) home. My cousin (my uncle’s son) has been planning a trip with his wife and two girls for some time now, so we went to see them. The girls are almost the same age as ‘A’ and ‘H’. It was the first time any of them could remember meeting and wouldn’t you know it, they all fell in love with each other. They had a few days together to play, and it could have gone so many ways. It only went one way though – up and up and up! The most wonderful part of all of it for me is knowing that these adorable, loving little girls are all related by blood and they will have the rest of their lives to connect and grow their relationships.

Back home, Tocker, one of the two chickens who has been broody for the past month, got up from the nest box and decided to be all done sitting on her imaginary eggs. Good for her! Immediately after, she started molting. I feel so sorry for our chickens when they molt because they look pathetic. It’s hot, so she must feel better without the extra layer of feathers to insulate her. Or maybe the feathers help to keep her cool? Who knows. What’s weird is that a part of her breast is completely picked of feathers and all you can see is chicken skin. It makes me think I should butter it up and get the oven started. And I’m a vegetarian! That is how bad it is. I can’t wait for this to pass.

Tocker molting

June continues to whiz by at warp speed. I’ve got projects coming out of my ears and ideas for next year to implement. I’ve got school stuff, house stuff, kitchen stuff, church stuff, friend stuff, family stuff, and personal stuff. A lot of stuff. Garden stuff too. I’ve been harvesting lettuce and choi; garlic scapes are coming this week; and the tomatoes are bearing fruit. The squashes are plagued by cucumber beetles and I am waging a fierce war with insecticidal soap. Michael, my farmer, told me to pick off some beetles and blend them up with water, then spray them on the plants. So I will do that this week.

Cucumber Beetle

Today Jeff made trellises for the flower garden and I canned 7 quarts of strawberries, in the form of strawberry cardamom jam. We are in full swing here with everything summer brings. FULL swing.


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