The late winter beehive


Every time I think about the beehive, no matter what the thought, I immediately follow it up with a quick fingers-crossed prayer. “Please bees, make it through this winter…” This has been such a long, cold winter.

Thank goodness for the candy board!

I took a peek at the hive last week to see how much food was left. They’re down to almost nothing – no honey is left. They’re dining on the candy board I made in the fall. Thank goodness for the candy board! Whew, that could have been close! It was cold and windy last week, so I cracked the cover, looked in quickly, and tossed in a few sugar patties on top of the candy board.

Today I went back for a closer look. It was warm enough to open the cover (48 degrees) but windy, so I was concerned about keeping it open too long. I didn’t pause to take photos, but worked quickly and purposefully. The candy board is about half-eaten. I added a 1″ shim to the hive and two more sugar patties.

When I first got to the hive there were so many dead bees outside on the snow. That’s what I was looking at when I took this photo. I was worried – were they all dying? Now that I’ve checked inside, I think those bees either died in the hive (maybe they were old) and their bodies were carried out by the other bees, or they were ready to die, so they headed outside to do so on this warm day.

One thing is certain – the clock is ticking. With no food left, I have to check the hive and add food as needed for the next month, at least.

Around here, hope comes
in the form of melting snow

On the bright side, take a look at the snow level around the hive – it’s melting! Here is the same hive a few weeks ago.


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