The Snow is Melting!


Well hello there! It’s been a tough winter at the Village Homestead. ‘H’ and I got sick right before Christmas, and lucky us, we stayed sick for nine weeks. Nine weeks! Looking back, I’m sure I had the flu, because half of my recovery involved significant exhaustion. It seemed to last for so long that I actually wondered if the exhausted, scattered me was the “new normal”. I am so happy to finally feel well again – this is not something I ever want to repeat!

The chickens are awesome

Aside from the flu, things are great. Homestead life is rolling along. The chickens are thrilled this week about the warmer weather (if you consider 40 degrees warm). They’ve been huddled in their coop for weeks. Even on sunny days when they want to get out and roam, they have trouble making it over the soft snow to reach their destination. Now that the snow along the pathways is melting, they are so happy to mosey along and peck at the few blades of grass.

Egg production is way up. We’re getting 6-8 eggs a day now from our thirteen chickens. The new chickens are laying beautiful eggs. I’m so pleased with how things are going in the hen house. Everyone is getting along and it is all so easy right now. One thing I am tackling is the issue of mites – a few chickens have them. I have been dusting all the chickens with DE (Diatomaceous Earth), and this week I’ll spray the affected girls with Poultry Protector.

Homeschooling lessons: read, summarize and write

‘A’ and ‘H’ are in a good homeschooling groove right now. I know I say this through every age and stage, but the grades they’re in now – 2nd and 4th grades, are really good. They’re old enough to study more complex topics and are able to work independently. Lately they’ve been delving into writing using “text-based evidence.” I give them an article to read and a short set of questions. They underline answers in the text using different colored crayons, then write a paragraph for the answer. It is really good practice in breaking down the answer; referring back to the point the author made; and not making assumptions. The writing practice is also really good. A well written answer can be so powerful.

Grace is undergoing radioiodine therapy

Grace was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few months ago. We started giving her methimazole with really poor results. It addressed the hyperthyroid issue, but it made her really sick. So I asked around and decided that radioiodine therapy was a good choice for her. It’s pricey, but so is the methimazole. There aren’t doctors who perform radioiodine therapy on cats around us, so we took her to Cornell University animal hospital this week for the treatment. I am happy to say that she had the injection today, and I will head back and pick her up on Friday. Apparently she’s not fond of overnight stays at the hospital, a fact that does not surprise me at all.


It feels so nice to be back. Health and energy are so easy to take for granted when we have them, aren’t they? Just being able to think straight and plan ahead is making me feel so powerful, and I love it. I can do this. I want to, and I can.



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