Beautiful wedding, warm weather, lots of family, new sister in law, new family, new haircut, lot of love. Feels good.

Home again. Chickens, cat, dinner routine, work at the farmers market, big bright starry night sky. Feels good.

Newtown, CT. No words can describe it.

Cultural shifts must be made by each one of us, and we must contribute to the greater good. It’s about our boys and about our guns. It’s time for change – the kind of change that comes from all of us. Grassroots. As someone who lives daily life on the edge of grassroots changes, I know it is possible. It can be right around the corner. If organic food and backyard chickens and homemade jam and homeschooling are moving from the obscure to the mainstream, so can peaceful living. It requires our participation, our support, our listening hearts, our hugging arms. We can do it.

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