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I realize it’s been almost a week since ‘A’s egg challenge and I have been absent. The news is all good: she passed! She had to eat the equivalent of one large egg, so we prepared a scrambled egg, a few pieces of french toast, and a bowl of matzo brei. She chose to eat the matzo brei, and was given four portions to eat over the course of 90 minutes. The first bowl had the smallest amount of food and they got progressively larger. I was wondering if she would not eat the egg dish because of the new flavor or texture, but she did a great job. At no point did she have hives or any reaction. At the end, we were told she can now eat eggs “without restriction” – what beautiful words to hear!

There’s more than just the news about ‘A’ in this update. When we arrived home after the egg challenge, Coco our kitten was outside limping. By the time she was seen at the vet the next day, her limp had progressed to paralysis of her hind legs and tail. An X-ray showed no breaks, bites or dislocated limbs. The two possibilities that fit are that she has toxoplasmosis or she narrowly escaped being hit by a car, and the wheel ran over her tail as she was pulling away. She is on antibiotics to treat the toxoplasmosis (although I am not sure that theory really fits well), and she is on pain medication and steroid shots to address the car accident theory. Over the past five days she has shown steady improvement. She’s still not walking, but she’s able to move her legs, and just yesterday she started to be able to lift her tail. I spend a lot of time with her, as the human contact seems to help her. In this situation, time is our friend. Hopefully she will heal if we wait patiently.

Around the homestead, things are good. I’ve been slow to put in my vegetables and flowers this year, but they will eventually go in the ground. I’m making lists of salves, teas and tinctures I want to make with the plants I grow. Plantain is coming up strong now, and it’s a wonderful plant to use in healing creams. The Lungwort is looking good this year, so I’ll dry some for tea, and steep some in vodka for a tincture. Lungwort is a good herb for clearing the lungs. Many varieties of mint are grown here, and I will turn some of them into mint-flavored simple syrup for iced tea. In the poultry yard, the new chicks are growing quickly. I am still not ready to say which are pullets or roos. The batch I hatched are just over seven weeks old, and the ones I purchased are five weeks old. I’ll know for sure in a month.

Keep Coco in your thoughts, if you would. I believe in the power of positive healing thoughts. She needs all the help she can get. Thank you.




Plantain. Great for healing skin.


Lungwort. Excellent as a tea or tincture for cough, colds and asthma.


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