Update on Peg the chick

Peg the injured chick is still injured but the swelling in her entire leg has gone down today, so I am hopeful that she’s making progress. I am going to bandage her leg today or tomorrow and see how she does. She’s still limping, and the leg still rotates out to the side. Poor chick.

Good news is that the garlic in the garden is up. It’s so nice to see something green in there. The lilac buds burst open today, and now they are ready to reach for the sun. Not so great news is that the eggs from the hens continue to be less than stellar. They’re on pasture almost every day now that the snow has melted, and I still think the transition from winter feed to foraging is confusing their bodies. The eggs are rippled, or misshapen (round balls) or the shells are thin and chalky. The changes in the shells are coming all at once, which tells me it’s something environmental, and the change in pasture is the only difference for the girls.

Coco is enjoying spending time with the chickens. I assure you, the feeling is NOT mutual.

I’ll continue to update you regarding Peg’s status.



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