End of September. It’s cool here. Some of us might even say it’s cold already. My children run around the house in short sleeves, sometimes even wearing just leotards and tutus, while I’m wrapped up in layers. I ask them if they’re cold and tell them I’m cold just looking at them. They give me an emphatic NO!

Grace is cold too. Of course she is one of the first to lay down in front of the fire and bask in the warmth.

We’ve had a great deal of excitement here this week. Last weekend my sister Emily came to stay and helped us harvest 8 gallons of honey. I’ll share those photos with you tomorrow. Yesterday and today were taken up with the business of water. Our well water, to be exact. I awoke yesterday to find that there was not a drop of water in our pipeline. We have a well and since it is a slow-producing well, we have holding tanks that fit 600 gallons of water for storage. The tanks, usually full, were empty yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I found the faucets dry! I knew it had been a dry summer, but this took me by surprise.

It took a bit of time, phone calls and detective work before I figured out that we had a leak somewhere in the house. Jeff joined the investigation and we determined (we think) that the outside spigot was partially open, allowing the water to slowly drip onto the grass. 600 gallons over several days wouldn’t be noticed in yard. In my opinion, 600 gallons is a lot of water. Somehow it went unnoticed.

Yesterday we had no running water in the house. Today it is back. The experience has reminded me of how precious water is and how important it is to conserve it. We are relearning how to live on less water and have set a goal of using no more than 100 gallons a day for our entire family. I read that the average American family of four uses 400 gallons a day. Wow, that is a lot of water.

Life marches on, with or without water. Luckily I am entertained along the way by my little dancers.

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