Weekend Time

It’s Sunday evening and I am basking in the comforting feelings the come after a perfect weekend. I spent the weekend engrossed in plants and all things gardening. I purchased herb and tomato transplants at both the farmer’s market and at the annual plant sale held at our UU church. ‘H’ and I worked in the garden both days adding transplants and working the soil. Today our whole family took a break to visit our community garden up the road where we weeded out the garlic bed. And the weather this weekend – it was perfect. Warm. Never too hot, never too cold. Not humid. No bugs. Perfectly perfect weather.

I was reading a bit about creating time by Marney Makridakis this week and I can see how I was able to use time and my creativity this weekend to enjoy every moment. I end this weekend feeling as though these 2 days lasted for so long and were filled with luxurious moment after luxurious moment. I loved all of it. For the future, I will remember that I spent much of the time outdoors, both digging in my garden and using my imagination to fantasize about how it will look mid-summer. I worked side by side with my children and husband. I watched the chickens and our cat Grace explore the yard, something that sounds¬†frivolous but actually gives me a great sense of being here. I took a few minutes to focus on cleaning the house – I love having a clean house. It makes me feel powerful and capable. I spent yesterday evening putting together a lap book about the “oi” sound for ‘A’ and received almost immediate feedback when she read aloud tonight and quickly sounded out 2 “oi” words using clues she remembered from the lap book. And Mother’s Day! I opened the most beautiful handmade cards from my daughters today. I love them so much. And they love me. Life is good.

Life has so many ups and downs, and when things are good I tend to enjoy it but take it for granted. Part of coaxing things into harmony and living my life as authentically as possible means recognizing what makes me feel happy and full of love, and trying my best to incorporate more of those things into my life. I’m taking notes.

In the meantime, the chickens are doing very well. They too enjoy spending a day out in the yard.



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